How To Data Recovery Deleted Videos On Mac

Most people today prefer to use a  MacBook . It is quite convenient, mobile and functional. In addition to working documents, users store photos and videos on the device. If you accidentally deleted the right video file from your MacBook, it will be a Data Recovery rather unfortunate event. After all, by negligence, this could have happened not this minute, but a day or several days ago. And right now this file is urgently needed.

But we dare to please you – there are ways to Data Recovery in Mac. Of course, first of all we recommend to look into the basket. Probably, over the past time period, you have not yet had time to clear it. Therefore, when you find a previously deleted video in it, you just need to drag it to your desktop. It will also fully turn on and work.

But if the basket is empty, this will already cause certain difficulties during recovery. But it will still be real. How? Consider below.

Recovery without software :

You can resurrect the necessary videos without  software  when there was a backup plan for your MacBook. That is, two backup copies were created, separately from each other. They should be different from each other and located in different places.

Data Recovery

Recovery of video files in this case will occur using tools that create bootable clones. These may be SuperDuper or Carbon Copy. That is, you need to copy the previously deleted video from the clone to Mac. Note that this is only possible if these tools are regularly updated.

Time Machine function :

Time Machine is a backup option. It is an important point in the process of work. Since in case of an unexpected deletion, it will help to return important Youtube video files. This feature is built into the Mac and is quite easy to set up. It is worth confusing once in order to protect yourself from losing important video files in the future.

To install Time Machine, do the following:

  1. Go to the menu of your MacBook.
  2. Select Enter Time Machine in the line.
  3. Determine the approximate time period for deleting the video. This can be done with the arrow by clicking it up in the Finder window.
  4. When a backup is found, when the file has not yet been deleted, you must click the Finder window. Then we move along it and look for the necessary video.
  5. While previewing the files by pressing the “Space” button, select the desired video and click “Restore”.

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